Frequently Asked Questions:

Why shop at Reduced to Clear first?

You can save a lot of money on your weekly shopping. Reduced to Clear’s prices are up to 80% cheaper than normal retail as the products are ‘Reduced to Clear’. Examples of these products are end of lines, change of packaging, cancelled export orders, and short-dated stock. We also have a range of core lines like milk and sugar that are also very competitively priced. Our shoppers know they will get a few meals, loads of snacks and other treats each week to help the shopping budget go further!

How are your prices so low?

We deal directly with wholesalers, importers and manufacturers. We buy at heavily discounted prices and pass the saving on to you. You will find Reduced to Clear’s prices are up to 80% off normal RRP.

Why does stock run out? Why don’t you order more?

All Reduced to Clear’s clearance stock is on a first in the first-served basis. We buy as much of the product as we can, but it comes in and goes out. We highly recommend buying whatever you like in bulk as its likely next time you pop in it might have sold out. Our chilled and dairy clearance products normally arrive on Thursday or Friday, which are a popular day for our customers.

Why are you unable to provide information on product availability?

Reduced to Clear is a bit like a box of chocolates out of the Forrest Gump movie. You never really know what bargains you’ll get each time you shop with us. New products arrive everyday, and they come and go quickly. Even we don’t know what is turning up each day. It’s a surprise every time you pop in!

Is it true that you sell expired goods?

No way! Not now, not ever. We never sell products which are past their use-by date or expiry date as this is illegal. At Reduced to Clear, low prices will never mean bad food.

But you do sell products which have passed their best before date?

Sometimes we do, but let’s be clear about what that means. Best Before is not the same as Use by or Expiry date. Best Before is a date set by the manufacturer as a guide to when it’s at its 100% best. It is still absolutely fine to consume and will still taste great. An example is: A chocolate bar will not differ in quality one month before or after the best before.

Do you check your stock regularly to ensure it’s good?

Yes – at Reduced to Clear, we frequently quality test our stock to ensure everything we sell meets the original product quality standard. That means what we stock is no different to products bought in other major supermarkets – except for our exceptionally low prices!

Where do you deliver to?

We ship all over the country!

We have kept the cost of shipping as low as possible, but please be aware that we ship from Auckland and sending items across the Cook Straight is quite expensive currently.

How long does delivery take?

We aim to have your order packed and out the door within 3 business days! Then, it should take 1-3 days via Aramex – depending on the delivery address.


Items purchased online are only eligible for a refund if the product is faulty. We can’t refund items if you change your mind (due to food safety requirements).